Infrastructural Development

Well developed infrastructural facilities and available human resource are soul of any institution. An institution like KVK which has been created as Agricultural Polytechnic for providing all information at a single point. The important of such facilities become more valuable for imparting vocational training, demonstrating technological performance and their relevance under specific condition. Keeping in view, the KVK has developed strengthened its infrastructural facilities from time to time as per needs of the farming community for providing better knowledge, improving the skill and efficiency and changing the behavioral attitude as well as maximizing the adoption rate of latest technological for improving the agricultural facilities are presented below.

Details of Infrastructure


S.N. Particulars Area (Sq. Mt.) Occupancy
1 Office building 713.75 17 rooms with hall and verandah
2 Office 23.23 Two rooms
3 Staff room 101.11 Seven rooms
4 Library 22.30 One room
5 Audio-visual Aid room 54.64 One room
6 Lecture Hall 78.99 One
7 Conference Hall 118.49 One
8 Information Centre 54.64 One
9 Staff Quarters - Seventeen
10 Supporting Staff Quarters - Four

Demonstration units at KVK Headquarters

S.N. Demonstration units at KVK Headquarters Area (Sq. Mt.) Occupancy
1 Agri. Engineering workshop with office, store and training shed 418.21 One unit
2 Home Science Training Unit 169.658 One unit
3 Fruit and Vegetable Preservation Lab 753 One unit
4 Soil Testing Lab 2.785 One unit
5 Seed Sale cum Nursery Unit 131.89 One unit
6 Vermi Composting 610 One unit
7 Duckery unit 260 One unit

Instructional Farms for Training and Demonstration

KVK Sultanpur has uniqueness of having large scale demonstration units covering crop production, horticulture agro forestry and fisheries program through development and reclamation of waste land in the form of sodic soil, ravines, water logged areas, and eroded lands. As per details given below:

S.N. Name of Location Area (Ha.) Demonstration Units
1 Crop Production 44.93 Building Crop production Orchard, Vegetable Nursery, fish pond
2 Horticulture 10.00 Fruit Production, Vegetable Production, Nursery
3 Agro / Farm Forestry 15.00 Forestry
4 Fish Production 04.00 Fish Production and Fingerlings
5 Poly House 00.25 Off Season Vegetable Production and Nursery Raising

Besides the aforesaid infrastructure the KVK has got 1 vehicle, 2 Tube wells at farm, machines, tools and equipment necessary for training and farm operation.