Soil Testing Laboratory

Soil Testing is a scientific technique used for assessing external nutrient need of crops to achieve profitable response.  In the services of our KVK, soil and water analysis also plays an important role.  The farmers of the district are benefited by this lab. 


The parameters like pH, EC and the available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are estimated in our lab. Soil test based fertilizer recommendation plays a vital role in ensuring balanced nutrition to crops and reduce cost of fertilizer.

Soil Testing Programme:

  1. Estimation of available soil N. P. K.
  2. Calibrating and interpreting the analytical results.
  3. Making the fertilizer recommendation.

 Soil Sample Analyzed (1985-2015) :

Client No.
Total no. of samples 1,11,690
Total no. of Farmers 94290
Total no. of Village 969